ZKTeco Single Energy X-ray Inspection System ZKX6550

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ZKTeco Single Energy X-ray Inspection System ZKX6550

Specification :

ZKTeco Single Energy X-ray Inspection System ZKX6550

Tunnel SizeW660mm × H510mm
Speed0.20 m/s
Height of Transmission Belt1300 mm
Maximum Load≤180 kg (Adequate distribution)
Wire Resolution40 AWG (0.0787mm metal wire)
Space DefinitionHorizontal Φ1.0mm \ Vertical Φ2.0mm
Penetrate Definition34 AWG
Penetration40mm Steel board
Monitor17 inch LED
System FunctionHigh density alarm, Explosive/Drug auxiliary detect,TIP, Luggage counter, System running timer, X-ray emitting timer, Training,64 times continuous zoom in
Ultrasonic rat repellent
Film SafetyASA/ISO1600 standard of film safety
 X-ray System
Tube Voltage150 Kv
CoolingSeal oil cooling / 100%
Single Inspection Dosage Rate≤1.0 μ Gy
Radiation Leak Dosage0.1μ Gy/h (5cm from the surface)
Installation Specification
Package SizeL2200mm × W1135mm × H1515mm
Console Desk SizeL830mm × W800mm × H1330mm
Package Weight680KG+105KG (Console desk)
Power Consumption1 kVA
Noise53.8 dB(A)
Optional FunctionVideo surveillance system, Bidirection scan, Electrical weighing system, Energy saving mode,


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